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"A lot of people ask me who NUNNE is, and I find this question to be very abstract, mainly because for a long time I had tried to be someone I really wasn´t as an artist. The beautiful thing about life is that it suddenly shakes you to your core to bring you closer to understanding who you are. For example, I had never understood what it meant to be Latin American until I moved out of my native country and that notion suddenly faced me. Now I understand that I am made of powerful emotions, contradictions, complexity, and strong impulses, like my country, Mexico. I like to explore music, to transmit emotions, to provoke, to create without inhibitions or certainties, that´s where I find the thrill”.

NUNNE, a Mexican composer, singer and music producer always knew that music was inside her. As a child, she would make melodies to the beat of a dripping faucet and change the lyrics of popular songs to make her family laugh. "It's something that you already know you are, it's not like one day you have and Aha! moment and you decide that you are going to be a musician.”


From the age of 11 she began to study voice and piano in schools like MVS Academy and School of Rock Mexico. The latter has a contemporary approach to music teaching, making rock and indie music its focus. As part of the music program, students were presented with opportunities to perform. Nunne didn´t hesitate and auditioned to be part of the houseband and became the lead singer. They were booked to perform in numerous small venues and restaurants around Mexico City, playing covers from many legendary rock bands.


She learned to stand on a stage and lead the band as a vocalist. When she was 15, she felt comfortable enough to try out for the School of Rock All Stars Program, where around 50 thousand students from 300+ schools worldwide audition for a place in a US Tour, and only very few are selected.


That´s how in 2017 she toured around eastern USA with the All Stars School of Rock band, which led her to set foot on important stages. Among them, Lollapalooza in Chicago, World Cafe Live in Philadelphia and the Knitting Factory in New York, where the band played alongside Eddie Ojeda from Twisted Sister.


Back in Mexico, she continued to play with the School of Rock houseband and other ensembles, and performed in important venues such as Foro Indie Rocks, Bajo Circuito, el Bataclán, el 61, Porco Rosso and La Capilla de los Muertos, amongst others.


Having more experience on stage, she realized she needed more training. "You can have a natural ability to sing but you´ll get nowhere if you don´t train, study and work hard to be better, you have to be open to learn. I´ve had the fortune of finding great teachers along the way, who´ve helped me pave the way for becoming a musician".

That´s why she began private lessons in music theory and composition, obtaining distintions in the ABRSM (Royal Schools of Music) exams. As a personal challenge, and supported by her teachers, she began composing chamber music (quartet, piano, and strings).

Through her music programs, she was invited to the annual Lancaster Composer Concerts, where some of her compositions were performed by top tier musicians in important venues such as the Hellenic Cultural Center and the Ollin Yoliztli Cultural Center in Mexico. “It was so exciting to hear the music I once wrote on paper come to life”.

She also started composing experimental pop, indie, and alternative rock music in English. “You know, when you're young and naive, you think that you have to write Anglophone music to sell more and make it in the industry.”

“In Mexico we sort of have this peculiar tendency to shrink in front of what we call first world countries, we don't realize how lucky we are to have so much cultural richness, so much life, so much color and so much music... In Mexico, music is part of life itself: everyone sings, everyone dances and there is always a hubbub of rhythms everywhere you go.”

“Mexico has so much beauty from any angle you see it. You can love it and be more Mexican than a nopal cactus (as we say), but you still feel that you must go to another country to be successful or imitate what is done in what we call the first world. Especially if you are an artist, because there are very few economic opportunities. That´s why, as I got older, I felt I needed to leave too”.


When she turned 18, she moved to the city of Montreal, where she studied music production and sound engineering at Recording Arts Canada, which allowed her to immerse herself in the music scene and make her way in the local music industry.

“As a musician, I didn´t want to just find someone to do the work for me and merely stand on a stage to sing. I wanted to learn how to do everything, from composing music, lyrics, recording, mixing, all the way to plugging the right mic at a concert”.


As a sound engineer, she has worked in various recording studios such as FreqShop, Studio Base Bin, Studio Sophronik and Cinemusica, and on an audio restoration project for the Canadian band The Tragically Hip, with Universal Music and the Lamoureux brothers, winners of a Grammy & Emmy awards for projects like Zappa plays Zappa.

Although everything was going the way she imagined, she realized that something was missing, her native country: "I didn't just miss my family, friends and food, I missed EVERYTHING: The street cumbias at 3 AM that didn't let me sleep; boom boxes blasting reggaeton everywhere; the salsa classes that I dropped out after just two weeks; and even my mom's tipsy friends singing Juan Gabriel at the top of their lungs”.


That´s why she began to circle around a crowd that reminded her of home (Latin America), and that´s how she met Zisco, a Venezuelan percussionist and sound engineer. Both immigrants and with contrasting origins, they both saw eye to eye in their nostalgia towards their homelands and their constant evocation of the past. They began collaborating as a hobby, imitating commercial music, until eventually more genuine and personal lyrics and rhythms emerged, revolving around immigration, longing for home, and healing past problems.

When the rhythms of her homeland emerged in her music scores and her voice, NUNNE discovered that there are things that run in the blood. “Although I had always dreamed of being an American pop sensation, I began to orbit towards the creation of Latin music; because it´s inside me and it brings me closer to home.” This is how the project that became the EP La Selenita emerged. The EP´s name refers to the crystal Selenite, whose reflection of pale blue light is associated with the Moon. “It is a metaphor. It´s referring to something that comes from another place, foreign to this planet. We are from the Moon. That´s how we feel as foreigners, you don´t think that you belong because your roots are constantly calling you”.

La Selenita is an ethereal embodiment of NUNNE’s tribute to Latino immigrants, an introspective journey that delves into themes of longing, forgiveness and healing. With intricate nods to genres, like Son Cubano, Bolero, Bossa Nova, and Merengue, NUNNE infuses contemporary urban elements uniting the past with the present. 

Within the depths of La Selenita’s nine soul-stirring tracks, lies a spectrum of emotions and contradictions. NUNNE’s voice, at times vulnerably chromatic and at other resoundingly powerful, eloquently articulates the essence of her journey. Each song reflects fragments of her story, from the opening track “El Perdón” which symbolizes  the catharsis of self-forgiveness, to the ethereal “Náufragos” a window into her fears and uncertainties. 

The first single from “La Selenita” titled “Ojos De Plata”, released June 29th, 2023, urges listeners to chase their dreams unyieldingly, regardless of the naysayers. "Ojos De Plata" comes with a video by Mexican video director Dalpek to premiere via YouTube the same day. 


 “La Selenita'' is out now on all digital streaming platforms.  It's a testament to NUNNE’s artistry and the culmination of her tireless dedication. NUNNE’s introspective musical journey has only just begun with her melodic tapestry poised to captivate hearts. She is already planning to release a second EP towards the end of 2023. Stay Tuned!!

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